lowercase - Diner (Pop-up restaurant)

lowercase coffee cart started as a coffee cart (still trying to be a coffee cart) but has always had other culinary aspirations as well - from fresh baked pastries to donuts, we have loved trying recipes for items that will complement the True Stone Coffee we are using (which we just love!).

Recently, we had our first "pop up" which we called "the diner" - we both love diner's such as Hi Lo Diner in Minneapolis (http://www.hi-lo-diner.com/) or Fog City Diner in San Francisco (http://fogcitysf.com/) so we thought that this was a great name/concept for us!

For the diner we started with a 6 course meal paired with wine and of course complete with Cappuccino's to end the meal!

Here are the six course:

1. A Cornet of Atlantic Salmon, Red Onion Crème Fraiche, Black Sesame Seeds.

2. Beet Sphere, L 'Amuse Brabander.

3. Chilled Ahi Tuna, Avocado Puree, Pickled English Cucumber and Fennel, Grapefruit.

4. Surf and turf, Seared Dry Packed Scallops, Sous Vide Pork & Plants Pork Belly, Cauliflower Puree

5. Dry Caramel, Maldon Sea Salt

6. Soufflé of Tony's Chocolate, Crème Anglaise

PHOTO'S: 1.) Atlantic Salmon Cornet ala French Laundry 2.) Setting up day before the event 3.) Preparing the Crème Anglaise 4.) Prepping the Avocado Puree 5.) Raw Beet, getting ready to be juiced for the Beet Spheres 6.) The Diner Menu Cover 7.) Cornet fresh out of the oven (hot oil!) 8.) Plated Beet Sphere 9.) Fresh Avocado Puree, first piece down for the Tuna dish 10.) Cornets pre-bake 11.) Plated Surf and Turf 12.) Dry Caramel plated 13.) Getting a little help from the internet! 13.) Plating Tuna and pickled veggies.

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