Top 5 Coffee Chains According to Lowercase!

Ok, first question is what is a chain? We defined it as any shop with 3 or more locations......Probably not the dictionary definition but it's our list and that's what we went with.

Also Milwaukee and Minneapolis are well represented - but that's because we have spent the most time there. Let us know what your thoughts are!

Here we go:

1.) The French Press in Santa Barbara, this place is in Santa Barbara so really just don't mess it up, right........They didn't, top of the line equipment in an open and airy cafe with some of the friendliest Barista's ever!

2.) Colectivo, Milwaukee and Madison , named after a popular public traveling bus, in Latin america. colectivo is a funky cafe serving great coffee, soups, salads and sandwiches.

3.) Peace Coffee, Minneapolis, Simply put the peace cafe in Cappella Tower is strikingly beautiful! Peace Coffee started out as roasters so the coffee is distinctive and award winning. They have a great story!

4.) Stone Creek, Milwaukee, clean, well designed - great coffee (probably my favorite on the list). The bakery is top notch and their building on 5th street in Milwaukee is very impressive.

5.) Dogwood Coffee, Twin cities, I'll always have a soft spot for Dogwood, since they brewed my first coffee. Dogwood is a hip cafe using local art in a creative interior. the baristas are well trained and friendly.

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