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We started lowercase coffee in Woodbury,MN in 2015. To us coffee should an experience, made by people who care.


I'm 14 and unlike my friends who like to play baseball and soccer, I have a passion for food and coffee. Since I was really young I have liked textures, smells and the process of how things are made. Around 7 or 8 I really liked the taste of cinnamon and pumpkin, I remember being in a coffee shop and asking my mom for a pumpkin spice latte....she said NO! Like most kids when she said "NO" it made me want it even more! Fast forward 2 years my dad and I were taking a class at a cooking school, there was a break and I noticed that there was a coffee shop, so my dad went down to get his usual cappuccino, and I asked for a latte (skipping the pumpkin spice) to my surprise he said "sure" but added "your not going to like it", to his shock...I did, I really did!


I liked it so much that we decided to start this coffee cart and we took a trip around the west coast visiting coffee shops doing R&D for this project - we called this the "West Coast Coffee Tour" - you can read about this in our Blog title "WCCT: THE BEST TRIP EVER!"


My Dad has owned a few food service businesses in San Francisco - one is still there - The Black Magic Voodoo Lounge, that's where we got our first espresso machine. You can see that in the Blog named "Picking up espresso machine (SF)" So he has some experience in all this!


We really hope you enjoy our blog and hope that you get to visit us and enjoy your favorite coffee drink!